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Think about how fast he snitched tho

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Hey guys my emotionally abusive mom is about to pull me out of school and kick me out of the house, so I might need a place to temporarily crash this summer, just until I can get a job and save up a little money.  If you live in the DC/Maryland area, or just somewhere along the east coast, could you maybe message me?   

Also, if you don’t could you please reblog this so it gets around?

how are you? how was your day? what did you have for lunch? do you like cheese? do you like dogs or cats? what kind of deodorant do you wear? do you like chocolate covered almonds? do you like peanut butter? have you ever had carrots and peanut butter? what's your favorite book? what's your favorite smell? do you like the word snail? do you think cloning dinosaurs is a good idea? how do you feel about orange cars? have you ever eaten moldy food on accident? did i ask too many questions?

Wow! It’s so nice to get anons every once in a while, especially when I get to answer so many questions haha c:
Let’s go!
I’m 15 years old.
I had a pretty good day if not a little lonely.
I ate at an Italian restaurant for lunch and had hte spaghetti.
I’ve never been a fan of cheese but I can deal with it on pizza or garlic bread.
I like both dogs and cats c:
The deodorant I wear changes depending what my parents buy when I start to smell (at the moment it’s this Hollister stuff which is surprisingly nice c:)
I do like chocolate covered almonds.
Peanut Butter is rad - especially the crunchy kind.
I’ve never had carrots and peanut butter but it sounds interesting haha!
My favourite smell is the deodorant that my girlfriend wears. :3
I’ve never really thought about the word snail haha but it’s pretty cool sounding I guess; good intonation.
Depends on what you’d clone the dinosaurs for…
Not usually a fan of orange cars but I saw this Ford Focus in electric orange in my dad’s workshop once and wow it was pretty.
I’ve never accidentally eaten mouldy food, only on purpose.
And you can never ask too many questions!

I hope you found this enlightening, thanks for the message xx